Título (Cine formativo en eso; El cine en el aula; Hacia una pedagogía activa del cine)

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This investigation analyses the audiovisual resources and the use that he/she makes the faculty of the first cycle of obligatory secondary education of the audiovisual means, especially of the cinema, inside its educational tasks.

In this way, the reasons are studied by which it is used or not the cinema in the classrooms, as well as the perception of the educational ones with regard to the topic and the use, the domain and the disposition before the cinema forum, as strategy of pedagogic intervention.

Of the extracted main conclusions of the study, we stand out the faculty´s positive bias before this type of means, in spite of the difficulties detected for their use, as well as the necessity to establish roads of permanent formation and of elaborating appropriate materials that facilitate the inclusion of these means in the learning processes.

Key Words: attitude, audiovisual education, cinema, education, pedagogic intervention, secundary teaching.

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