Telecommunicatios in mexico


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Linking-School Telecommunications Industry

"In Mexico, private investment in higher education grew by 106% over the period 2000 to 2005 compared with 16% of public investment in higher education, this data can be read from the report" Education at a Glance 2008 "published by OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development). The same also notes that Mexico invests more in the students a little over $ 6 000 per year, but this only represents just over half the average of the countries that invest also a member of this organization (OECD). "1

"Another way in which private enterprise has been involved in education but not directly Telmex is the example that through educational programs such as Telmex home, classroom Telmex, Telmex digital library designed for students to parents and teachers to introduce them mainly the use of telecommunications technologies. "2
"Despite the significant increase in private investment in higher education remains the greater the public's average 86%, while the investment of private resources into private schools mean better education, made in Mexico is still better public education than private, but not all cases even in Mexico is the mark of a private education which is clearly an administrative guidance to the public on where it is more technical, but it is very likely to end up changing and that as in other countries, private higher education model is more marked compared with Mexico and as seen through the story always ends Mexico following others rather than innovate. In addition to that in Mexico due to economy social pattern low compared to developed countries where per capita income is higher, so it should not be concerned whether or not Mexico is growing private education as this does not make it better and to This quote philadelphia experiment the subject mentioned below, which itself should happen is an educational reform (in the form of teaching rather than the political). And for this I would do this parenthesis, which should worry the federal government is to improve the curriculum if not a total education reform from administrative levels to the forms of education as the traditional educational model is depleted and no longer meets the needs of humanity in the short term, according to some specialists education should be more integrated with technology and will change (reference network program "3

"There are other initiatives such as the ANUIES that aims to help and encourage higher education in Mexico, either through agreements, and other support programs. "4

The provision of education in Mexico, Universities with ICT-related careers

UVM - University of the Valley of Mexico

Private university offering careers related to ICT:

Computer Systems Engineering

Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering


IPN - National Polytechnic Institute

Public university offering careers:

Electronics and Communications Engineering in ESIME Zacatenco and ESIME CULHUACAN

Computer Engineering at ESIME CULHUACAN

Computer Systems Engineering at ESCOM

BS in Computer Science in UPIICSA

In Computer Engineering UPIICSA

Telematics Engineering UPIITA emphasis here because this race is defined as the merging of telecommunications with computing.


UNAM - Universidad Autonoma de Mexico

State University offers the following ICT-related careers:

Computer Science at the Faculty of Science

Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and FES Aragon

Telecommunications Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering

Telecommunications engineering and electronics systems FES Cuautitlán


TEC - Tecnológico de Monterrey

Private university offering the Races:

Engineer in business and information technology

Engineer in computer technology

Computer Systems Engineer

Engineer Information and Communications Technologies

Telecommunications and Microelectronics Engineering

Telecommunications Engineering and Electronic Systems

Other universities offering telecommunications engineering

Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA)

Anahuac University (UAS)

Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM)

University of Guadalajara (UDG)


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