Telecommunicatios in mexico

ANATEL (National Telecommunications Association)

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ANATEL (National Telecommunications Association)

The National Association of Telecommunications, AC, (hereinafter ANATEL) was incorporated on July 15, 2002.

ANATEL is the advisory body to the government and Congress, and principal interlocutor on Telecommunications.

ANATEL is formed by the major economic units Sector, Telecommunications in Mexico between the operating companies including telecommunications services, equipment manufacturers, distributors, integrators, consultants, certification bodies, testing laboratories and other units that are part of the whole production chain.

ANATEL currently has 55 associate members representing 90% of the industry formally organized in terms of direct employment, income and investments.


ANATEL is intended to represent the legitimate interests of the Telecommunications Industry in the country, providing guidelines to promote the development of telecommunications in Mexico under terms of efficiency, competitiveness, fair and free competition, profitability of the production chain, and fair regulation.

Constitute the main business organization representing the interests of the entire telecommunications industry in Mexico, maintaining a unified and adjuvant Industry of the State in achieving national goals.

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