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America Movil

America Movil (BMV: AMX, NYSE: AMX, NASDAQ: AMOV) is a Mexican telecommunications company with presence in 18 countries in America, with over 200million users and is currently the fourth largest telecommunications company in the worldand . Its main shareholder is Mexican businessman Carlos Slim Helu of Lebanese origin.
Born after the extinction of active cellular telephony, cable television (Cablevision) andother international assets owned by Telefonos de Mexico, Telmex. The company becomesa screen that is controlled by the same holding company Grupo Carso, which despite having the same shareholders becomes an independent company Telmex and its parent.
In early April 2006 announced the purchase by the company America Movil's U.S.operations of Verizon Dominicana Verizon (formerly CODETEL) operating in the Dominican Republic and 52% share of the Puerto Rico Telephone (PRT) operating inPuerto Rico.
In the same transaction was announced that Verizon also buy Telmex, the 28.51% stake inCompania Anonima Nacional Telefonos de Venezuela (CANTV), but the Venezuelan government headed by Hugo Chavez has decided to nationalize the phone and buy it to shareholders .
In the United States (including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands of the U.S.), America Movil has the prepaid cell phone company Tracfone Wireless, which operates under theMobile Virtual Network Operator System. Also operates under the name Comcel inColombia. Also part of America Movil's Claro mobile phone company, which has subsidiaries in countries like Brazil, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguayand Panama.



Axtel, S.A.B. de CV Axtel is best known as a Mexican telecommunications company operating in Mexico.
The company is headquartered in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Provides integrated telecommunications services to all sectors, from residential and small and medium enterprises to large corporations, financial institutions and government entities.
The company in Mexico with the basic infrastructure for telecommunications, which is formed by a network of different access technologies such as point to point links, point to multipoint and fiber optics to deliver a broad portfolio of services tailored to customer needs, according to their size and line of business. In 2010, Axtel was the first company in Mexico to receive ISO / IEC 27001 for information security.
The services provided by the company include fixed wireless, long distance and international, as well as advanced solutions for voice and data, web hosting, information security, virtual private networks (VPNs for its acronym in English) and a complete range of WiMAX Internet services and cable television services, among others also offers value-added solutions on IP technology, which makes possible the convergence of services such as voice, data and images.
In 2010, Axtel bonds had a junk bond rating (BB, relatively high yield but high risk) by Standard & Poor's. They were also the effects it had news of Hurricane Alex in Monterrey, for his great insight into the area.

Dish Mexico


Dish Mexico is a company that offers satellite television in Mexico. On December 1, 2008, Dish Network began operations in Mexico because of an agreement between Dish Network and the Mexican media company MVS Comunicaciones.

SKY Dish Mexico with Mexico joins the list of companies offering pay television transmission via satellite in Mexico, and various cable television services to complete the range of pay TV.
The system began operations on December 1, 2008 in the cities of Puebla and Leon.
Dish Mexico became the direct competitor to Sky, which, Grupo Televisa is the majority shareholder, who was the sole operator of direct-to-home (DTH for its acronym in English) in the country since 2004, the year in which leave Directv operate.
MVS Comunicaciones holds 51 percent of the capital's new business, while the U.S. owned by Charles W. Ergen, owns the remaining part of a planned investment of 400 million dollars over the next three years.


Grupo Iusacell is the third mobile operator Iusacell in Mexico has a presence in 90% of mobile market in Mexico, including Mexico City. The company is a 50-50 joint venture between Grupo Salinas and Grupo Televisa.

It currently has 000 subscribers 3.789 (68.6% are prepaid). The company also offers local and long distance telephony to the Internet via the airwaves or fiber optic (This is only available in some neighborhoods of Mexico City and Jalisco states yNuevo León) under the brand Iusatel, messaging services (SMS , MMS and email), mobile TV and mobile broadband (with their brand BAM). Were the first to offer 4G and 3G in Mexico

Movistar Mexico


Movistar (formerly Telefonica Moviles Mexico SA de CV) is a provider of mobile telephony services in Mexico, a subsidiary of the Telefónica Group. His current image stems from the unification of the Mobile Movistar brand in Latin America and Spain. Their presence dates from 2000 when the company acquired the North 4 operators in the country: Cedetel, Bajacel, Movitel Norcel and owned by Motorola (principalmnte operating on CDMA networks), the transaction was estimated at 1.79 billion dollars. Later in May 2002, Movistar Movistar expands its national presence adquierendo many of the shares of the company Pegaso PCS.

In Mexico is the second largest (by number of users and national coverage). Recent records (to June 30, 2011) indicate more than 20.8 million active users in the country (20.2 million mobile telephony and Internet over wireline 604.000), having a market share of almost 25% being second only to Telcel of América Móvil, owned by Carlos Slim.
Currently uses the GSM 1900 (Launched in April 2003), CDMA 800/1900 (in service since 1999 and commercially deactivated in July 2006), 3G (Launched in April 2007) in the north of the country, issued by the country in July 2010, 3.5G with HSDPA (released November 20, 2008) and 3.75G HSUPA technology. Mexico during the Campus Party 2010, tests were performed on 4G LTE. In the edition of Campus Party Mexico, settled a 100% real LTE network in collaboration with Nokia-Siemens (with special permits from the government) to connect users to the 4G service, which reached speeds of 93Gbps.

SKY Mexico


SKY Mexico is a satellite TV system currently operating in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Since December 2005 DirecTV Group is an equity partner of SKY Mexico, SKY therefore is considered within the Latin American division of DirecTV Group. SKY Mexico is operated by Televisa has 58.7% of the shares and DirecTV Group, which owns 41.3% of the shares. In Mexico, was founded in 1996 by an agreement between News Corporation, Liberty Media and Grupo Televisa, being released on December 15, 1996.Since 2004, began a merger between DirecTV and Sky in several countries in Latin America. He began his broadcast to air on December 15, 1996. DirecTV previously operating in Mexico, however, in 2004 the latter company was bankrupt and took possession of SKY and DIRECTV customers. Because it is owned by Televisa, has an extensive advertising campaign.


Telcel is a trademark owned by the Mexican company Radiomóvil DIPSA. It has a presence throughout Mexico and is dedicated, among other things, the mobile phone. It is a subsidiary of America Movil, a subsidiary of Telecom Holding CARSO. In June 1926 he founded the company Advertising Tourism SA, a subsidiary of Telefonos de Mexico. Its main activity is marketing of telephone directories and yellow pages, white pages. In September 1954, change of name by "Professional Directories (DIPS), because it specializes in editing the streets blue directory, directory of construction, tourism and others. During the same year and because of the importance is the modernization of telecommunications for national development, Telefonos de Mexico DIPSA integrates the management of mobile radio. In 1977, the SCT requested of Mexico (Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes) a concession to install, operate and exploit a mobile radio system in the Federal District. But until 1981 when it began marketing this service, which was known to the public telephone in Auto, which is accomplished in a period of eight months, service to 600 users.

Telecable (Mexico)

Grupo Hevi is a multi-service operators Telecom's largest country has a presence in 10 states of the Mexican Republic by extended 13,000 kilometers of fiber optic and coaxial cable, generates over 1,800 direct jobs, has a higher vehicular to 800 units and has over 100 service centers Personalized customer service. The experience gives the industry 36 years has given us the strength to put business at the disposal of our thousands of users, options, communication and entertainment technology, which allows them access to better quality of life.

Televisa Networks

Televisa Networks is a subsidiary of Grupo Televisa specializes in the design, production, programming, distribution and marketing of 30 pay TV signals, whose coverage includes Mexico, U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Founded in 1995, although some of the channels that you make before and had been part of pay television services.
Previously it was called until 2005 Visat

Telefonos de Mexico, S.A.B. de CV, known as Telmex, is a Mexican telecommunications company based in Mexico City. The company offers a wide range of products and services related to telecommunications in Mexico, Latin America and the United States, among which include an extensive network of telephone and Internet. Telefonos de Mexico was founded in 1947 when then-Mexican President Miguel Valdés merged German company Ericsson in Mexico and the International Telephone and Telegraph Company, forming a company in the Mexican state, which became the sole provider of telephone services in the country.
In 1990 Mexico's President Carlos Salinas de Gortari decided to start a process of privatization. There were several groups of investors made up of national and international companies, won the consortium created by Carlos Slim, France Telecom and SBC Communications and other small investors, but the consortium took 53% and being the majority shareholder, bought a remaining leaving the founder with 31% of the shares.


Unefon is a Mexican company owned mobile subsidiary in turn Iusacell Grupo Salinas. It was founded by Ricardo Salinas Pliego in 1998
Unefon focuses primarily on the middle and lower middle class in Mexico. Reached more than 2.5 million subscribers in 2006. The executive director is Diego Foyo.
Unefon network is mainly CDMA since its foundation, base stations using analogue and GSM from August 15, 2010. After the signing of a capacity exchange, merged with Iusacell (also owned by Ricardo Salinas Pliego). With this merger coverage had a large increase.

Zonda Telecom

Zonda Telecom or simply: Zonda, a Mexican company is a pioneer in mobile telephony.The name comes from the valleys of Argentina calchaquíes and means 'hot wind'.
The production line is made in Mexico, here you acquire the materials needed to manufacture the products. The development of each model costs about 3.5 million dollars (mdd). Currently produce about 30,000 units per month model.
Founded in 1968, starting in Guadalajara, Jalisco as a company of televisions and electronics

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