Telecommunicatios in mexico

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In this section we will look at company level, at this point is the companies that are related to telecommunications, a little information on their profiles, they are engaged.

He then entered the financial field then project the investments made by business and government to telecommunications, to explain this through the world with both nationalcharts, we will see the growth of gross domestic product in relation to investment in telecommunications.

Profile of companies


Alestra is a pioneer of free telephony in Mexico. During the government of Carlos Salinas de Gortari was decreed the opening to competition in a country dominated Telmex, a state telephone company that had recently been privatized.
Alestra is born as the Estrella project in 1995, consolidated on 1 January 1996 in SanPedro Garza Garcia, suburban municipalities of the city of Monterrey was composed of the Monterrey Group ALFA and telecommunications services company, the American AT & T.
On 1 January 1997 Alestra began operations with the first long distance call made ​​by the then Director General of Alestra, Jorge Escalona Maulini, to the governor of the state of Queretaro.
In 1999 Mr. Rolando Zubirán Shetler takes the reins of the company, and to date hasmaintained and consolidated as a leader in the telecommunications market in Mexico.Alestra is part of the Global Network AT & T (AGN).
Its main market is the business, with great emphasis on data services. It also serves theresidential market with services such as Dial Up Internet, and Line Alestra, telephone service over Internet Protocol.
Its main competitors are Axtel, Telmex, among others.

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