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4.2 Front Panel/Controls

Familiarize yourself with the location and purpose of the controls on this unit before attempting to operate.

A) Amp Adjustment Switches

B) Over Heat Indicator

D) Power Switch

C) Wire Feed Control

  1. Amp Adjustment Switches

  2. The Amp Adjustment Switches allow for adjustment between four different amp settings.

    1. Switch Settings

    1. Welding Current in Volts

    1. MAX-2

    1. 34V

    1. MAX-1

    1. 28V

    1. MIN-2

    1. 24V

    1. MIN-1

    1. 21V

  3. Over Heat Indicator

  4. The welding power source is protected by a self resetting thermostat. The indicator will illuminate if the duty cycle of the power source has been exceeded. If the Over Heat light illuminates wait for the Over Heat light to extinguish before resuming welding.

  5. Wire Feed Control

  6. The wire feed speed is increased by turning the Wire Feed Control knob clockwise or decreased by turning the Wire Feed Control knob counterclockwise. The wire feed speed should be set according to the specific application. Refer to the wire manufacture's literature for further information.

  7. Power Switch

  8. The Power Switch turns on and off the power supply to the welding power source.

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