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6. Screening and Shielding

Selective screening and shielding of other cables and equipment in the surrounding area may alleviate problems of interference. Screening the entire welding installation may be considered for special applications.

3.5 Setup for Welding

Conventional operating procedures apply when using the Welding Power Source, i.e. connect work lead directly to work piece and electrode lead is used to hold electrode. Wide safety margins provided by the design ensure that the Welding Power Source will withstand short-term overload without adverse effects. The welding current range values should be used as a guide only. Current delivered to the arc is dependent on the welding arc voltage, and as welding arc voltage varies between different classes of electrodes, welding cur­rent at any one setting would vary according to the type of electrode in use. The operator should use the welding current range values as a guide then fine tune the welding current to suit the application.

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