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B. Assessment of Area

Before installing welding equipment, the user shall make an assessment of potential electromagnetic problems in the surrounding area. The following shall be taken into account.

1. Other supply cables, control cables, signaling and telephone cables; above, below and adjacent to the welding equipment.

2. Radio and television transmitters and receivers.

3. Computer and other control equipment.

4. Safety critical equipment, e.g. guarding of industrial equipment.

5. The health of people around, e.g. the use of pace-makers and hearing aids.

6. Equipment used for calibration and measurement.

7. The time of day that welding or other activities are to be carried out.

8. The immunity of other equipment in the environment: the user shall ensure that other equipment being used in the environment is compatible: this may require additional protection measures.

The size of the surrounding area to be considered will depend on the structure of the building and other activities that are taking place. The surrounding area may extend beyond the boundaries of the premises.

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