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Primary Circuit Sizes to Achieve Maximum Current

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Primary Circuit Sizes to Achieve Maximum Current.


Primary Supply Lead Size (Factory Fitted)

Minimum Primary Current Size (Volt/Amps)

Current and Duty Cycle




12 AWG (3.3mm2)


90A/18.5V @ 20%

3.4 Electromagnetic Compatibility

Extra precautions for Electromagnetic Compatibility may be required when this Welding Power Source is used in a domestic situation.

A. Installation and Use - Users Responsibility

The user is responsible for installing and using the welding equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If electromagnetic disturbances are detected then it shall be the responsibility of the user of the welding equipment to resolve the situation with the technical assistance of the manufacturer. In some cases this remedial action may be as simple as earthing the welding circuit, see NOTE below. In other cases it could involve constructing an electromagnetic screen enclosing the Welding Power Source and the work, complete with associated input filters. In all cases, electromagnetic disturbances shall be reduced to the point where they are no longer Trouble-some.

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