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Exceeding duty cycle can damage unit and void warranty

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Exceeding duty cycle can damage unit and void warranty.

GMAW (MIG): 20% Duty Cycle at 90 A AC/DC

2.5 Transportation Methods

Electric Shock can kill.

DO NOT TOUCH live electric parts. Disconnect input power conductors from de-energized supply line before moving the welding power source.

Lift unit with handle on top of case. Use handcart or similar device of adequate capacity. If using a fork lift vehicle, place secure unit on a proper skid before transporting.



3.1 Selecting a Location

Be sure to locate the welder according to the following guidelines:

    • In areas, free from moisture and dust.

    • Ambient temperature between 32°F (0°C) to 104° F (40° C).

    • In areas, not subjected to abnormal vibration or shock.

    • In areas, not exposed to direct sunlight or rain.

3.2 Environment

These units are designed for use in environments with increased hazard of electric shock. Examples of environments with increased hazards are:

A. In locations in which freedom of movement is restricted, so that the operator is forced to perform the work in a cramped (kneeling, sitting or lying) position with physical contact with conductive parts.
B. In locations which are fully or partially limited by conductive elements, and in which there is a high risk of unavoidable or accidental contact by the operator.
C. In wet or damp hot locations where humidity or perspiration considerably reduces the skin resistance of the human body and the insulation properties of accessories.
Environments with increased hazard of electric shock do not include places where electrically conductive parts in the near vicinity of the operator, which can cause increased hazard, have been insulated.

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