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2.3 Specifications

Welding Output

Welding Current Range

20-135 Amps

Nominal DC Open Circuit Voltage (OCV)


Welding Output, 104º F (40º C), 10 min. (quoted figures refer to SMAW output)

40A /16V @ 100%

52A /16.6V @ 60%

90A /18.5V @ 20%

Rated Input Current (A) for MIG Welding



Iο = 90A@ 18.5V

Rated Output for MIG Welding

90A / 18.5V @ 20%

Duty Cycle (%)

20% @ 90A / 18.5V

Welder Type

MIG Welder

Output Terminal Type

Direct Wire

Mains Power

Number of Phases

Single Phase

Nominal Supply Voltage


Nominal Supply Frequency

60 Hz

Effective Input Current (l1eff)

9 Amps

Maximum Input Current (l1 max)

Δ 21 Amps


Protection Class



UL 551

Cooling Method

Fan Cooled

Dimensions and Weight

Welding Power Source Mass

50 lb. (22.7 kg)

Welding Power Source Dimensions

(Height x Width x Depth)

H 19" x W 12.6" x D 15.5"

(H 483mm x W 320mm x D 394mm)

The recommended time delay fuse or circuit breaker size is 30 amp. An individual branch circuit capable of carrying 30 amperes and protected by fuses or circuit breaker is recommended for this application. Fuse size is based on not more than 200 percent of the rated input amperage of the welding power source (Based on Article 630, National Electrical Code).

Smarter Tools continuously strives to produce the best product possible and therefore reserves the right to change, improve or revise the specifications or design of this or any product without prior notice. Such updates or changes do not entitle the buyer of equipment previously sold or shipped to the corresponding changes, updates, improvements or replacement of such items.

The values specified in the table above are optimal values, your values may differ. Individual equipment may differ from the above specifications due to in part, but not exclusively, to any one or more of the following; variations or changes in manufactured components, installation location and conditions and local power grid supply conditions

2.4 Duty Cycle

The rated duty cycle of a Welding Power Source, is a statement of the time it may be operated at its rated welding current output without exceeding the temperature limits of the insulation of the component parts. To explain the 10 minute duty cycle period the following example is used. Suppose a Welding Power Source is designed to operate at a 20% duty cycle, 90 amperes at 18.5 volts. This means that it has been designed and built to provide the rated amperage (90A) for 2 minutes, i.e. arc welding time, out of every 10 minute period (20% of 10 minutes is 2 minutes). During the other 8 minutes of the 10 minute period the Welding Power Source must idle and allowed to cool.

Duty cycle is percentage of 10 minutes that unit can weld at rated load without overheating.

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