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1.8 EMF Information

Considerations about Welding and the Effects of Low Frequency

Electric and Magnetic Fields

Welding current, as it flows through welding cables, will cause electromagnetic fields. There has been and still is some concern about such fields. However, after examining more than 500 studies spanning 17 years of research, a special blue ribbon committee of the National

Research Council concluded that: “The body of evidence, in the committee’s judgment, has not demonstrated that exposure to power-frequency electric and magnetic fields is a human-health hazard.”

However, studies are still going forth and evidence continues to be examined. Until the final conclusions of the research are reached, you may wish to minimize your exposure to electromagnetic fields when welding or cutting.
To reduce magnetic fields in the workplace, use the following procedures:

1. Keep cables close together by twisting or taping them.

2. Arrange cables to one side and away from the operator.

3. Do not coil or drape cables around your body.

4. Keep welding power source and cables as far away from operator as practical.

5. Connect work clamp to work-piece as close to the weld as possible.

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