La trigésima primera asamblea de delegadas de la cim

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B. Belize

Belize Police Department. Annual Report by the Commissioner of Police H.G. Williams for the Year 2000. February 2001.

Belize Police Department. Crimes, Drugs, Firearms & Ammunition: Comparative Statistics, 1st January – 31st December 2000/2001. January 29, 2002.

Central Statistical Office. 1999 Belize Family Health Survey: Females. November 2001.

Central Statistical Office. 1999 Belize Family Health Survey: Males. November 2001.

Central Statistical Office. Population Census 2000: Major Findings. 2001.

Immigration & Nationality Services Department Annual Report. 2000.

Ministry of Health, Situational Analysis Relating to Commecial Sex Workers at Organized Bars in Corozal and Orange Walk Districts (Unpublished). 2001

Ministry of Health, National Health Information/Surveillance Unit. HIV/AIDS Surveillance in Belize: 4th Quarter Report. January 7, 2002.

Ministry of Health and Sports, Ministry of Human Resources, Women’s Affairs and Youth Development / National Women’s Commission. From Girls to Women: Growing up Healthy in Belize. March 1997.

Ministry of Human Development. Women and Civil Society Annual Report. Belize, 2000.

Ministry of Human Development Women and Civil Society. The Complicated Truth About Prostitution.

National AIDS Comisión. Responding to HIV/AIDS in Belize. 2001.

National Conference on Child Protection and Child Rights: A Multi-disciplinary Approach: Recommendations. 2002.

NCFC/UNICEF. Study on the Sexual Exploitation of Women and Children, Sex Providers (draft). Belize, 2001.

Office of the Ombudsman, Second Annual Report of the Ombudsman, 2000-2001. 2002.

SPEAR. Fruit of Their Labor: Living and Working in the Banana Region of Belize. March 2001.

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