The Sneaker Exchange Contacts

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Procedures Manual


Elementary School Staff


The Sneaker Exchange Contacts
Education Foundation Sneaker Exchange Staff:

Cynthia Falardeau Phone: 564-0034

Fax: 564-0761

Cell: 564-1218

Mary Miner Phone: 564-0034

Fax: 564-0761

Payless Shoe Source Store Information
Store Location: Payless ShoeSource

5960 20th Street

Vero Beach, Florida 32966

Phone: 564-7218

School Check List
√ Complete a Roster for your trip

√ Arrange Transportation for your Visit

√ Obtain a Permission Slip for each participating child

√ Each student must have a nametag

Arrive at Payless at 10:00 a.m. for your visit

All children must be transported to Payless by school approved transportation. The Sneaker Exchange does not have a contract with the Transportation Department, therefore, the school is responsible for scheduling with the Transportation Department and paying associated costs.

The School must provide a complete roster for each trip. We must have the name, grade and referring teacher name of every child that participates in the program. Many of the agencies and foundations who grant money to the Sneaker Exchange require this information.

Permission Slips/Photo Releases
Every child participating in an Exchange must have a permission slip signed by his/her parent or guardian. A copy of each permission slip must be attached to the roster and given to the lead Sneaker Exchange Volunteer at the store at the beginning of each visit.

New volunteers staff the Sneaker Exchange every week. The use of nametags by the students and school staff allows the volunteers to know whom they need to help (as opposed to other Payless customers). It is much easier to assist young children if we are able to address them by their first name. Also, for those students who were approved for photos, it is recommended that they be identified with a colored dot on their nametag.

What to do if……?
We need to change the date of our trip!

If you need to change your exchange date, or cancel it altogether, please call Cynthia Falardeau at the Education Foundation Office 564-0034. Please DO NOT try to reschedule with the store or switch dates with another school. Each visit is facilitated by a number of individuals, and Cynthia is the central contact person for each visit. She will be happy to work with you in rescheduling your visit to a more convenient time for you.

A Permission Slip cannot be obtained?

The child may not attend a Sneaker Exchange or receive a pair of shoes without a completed permission slip.

A child has a permission slip but can’t make the trip to the store?

You may trace their foot on paper and we will make every effort to provide a well-fitting pair of sneakers. Please be sure to add the child’s name, gender, grade and referring teacher to your roster for our accounting purposes.

√ Bring your Roster and Permission Slips to your Exchange!
√ Every child attending must have a nametag!
√ All Exchanges begin at 10:00 a.m.

Sneaker Exchange Guidelines for Trips

  • The Sneaker Exchange does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion or national origin.

  • The Sneaker Exchange shall provide sneakers to any child in need as identified by the school staff.

  • If the School Staff deems a student or family has a continuing need for footwear throughout the year, a child shall not be limited to only one trip per year.

  • A Permission Slip signed by the child’s parent or guardian is required for a child to participate in a Sneaker Exchange. This permission slip also includes a release for photographs which may be accepted or declined by the student’s parents.

  • School Staff must supervise students in the parking lot between the bus and Payless Shoe Store.

  • School Staff MUST accompany students to the bathroom as needed at Payless.

  • The Sneaker Exchange staff shall provide a schedule of trips for the School Year to each school for approval.

  • The School shall provide a minimum of one staff member for each ten children to supervise the children at all times.

  • The Sneaker Exchange shall provide an appropriate number of volunteers to help fitting the children at Payless.

  • The Students may select any pair of sneakers as long as they are appropriate for school use and fit properly.

  • Students and volunteers must wear nametags so everyone is easily identified.

Sneaker Exchange

Permission Slip

The Sneaker Exchange Program is funded and administered by the Education Foundation of Indian River County. The program provides sneakers for children in need. School personnel use the free and reduced lunch report as a guide to identifying children who are eligible to participate.

A group of students from our school will travel to Payless Shoe Source by bus at 10:00 a.m. and will return to school with a new pair of sneakers about 11:00. Students will not have to turn in an old pair of shoes to get new sneakers.
If you would like to give your child the opportunity to participate in the Sneaker Exchange Program, kindly complete this permission slip and return it to the homeroom teacher.
Please return by _____________________________

_________________________________ , grade _____, has my permission to go to Payless

Childs Name

ShoeSource for Sneaker Exchange Day.

_________________________________ __________________

Parent/Guardian Date

Only school district employees are allowed to participate and chaperone the Sneaker Exchange activity, parents are not allowed to attend this event with their children.

 Photo Release

I also give the Education Foundation of Indian River County, Inc. permission to use my child’s photographic image and name in, but not limited to, press releases, promotional brochures, magazines and newspapers.
________________________________ ___________________

Parent/Guardian Date

The Mission of the Sneaker Exchange is to promote improved self esteem in children by providing comfortable, appropriate school shoes to every child in need in Indian River County.


Para Excursión de Clase

Su hijo/a ha sido seleccionado para participar en el Programa Sneaker Exchange por su maestra________________________________.

El Programa Sneaker Exchange proveé zapatos de escuela para niños con necesidad. Un grupo de estudiantes de nuestra escuela viajará por autobus a Payless Shoe Source a las 10:00 a.m. y regreserá a la escuela con su nuevo par de zapatos a las 11:00. (El/ella no tendrá que entregar sus zapatos viejos para obtener nuevos.
Por favor de entregar este permiso antes de_____________________________ a la maestra de “homeroom”.


_________________________________ , edad _____, tiene mi permiso para ir a Payless

Nombre del niño/a

Shoe Source durante el día del Programa Sneaker Exchange

_________________________________ __________________

Padre/Guardián Fecha

Permiso para fotografía

En adición, doy permiso al Education Foundation of Indian River County, Inc. para usar la imagen fotográfica y nombre de my hijo/a en, pero no limitado a, anuncios de prensa, material de promoción y periódicos.
________________________________ ___________________

Padre/Guardián Fecha

La misión del Programa Sneaker Exchange es fomentar el autoestima de ninos proveyendo zapatos de escuela, cómodos y apropiados a todo niño en necesidad en Indian River County.

2016-2017 School Year


SCHOOL__________________ TRIP DATE__________________



  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. ________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _____________________

  1. _________________________________ ______ ________ _______________

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