Lista de Recursos sobre “Design Thinking” Artículos/Videos (Inglés)

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Lista de Recursos sobre “Design Thinking”
Artículos/Videos (Inglés):

1. David Kelley/Stanford Magazine:

2. Tom Kelley's talk at Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series


3. Metropolis interview with Tim Brown:

4. "Awakening Creativity" by George Kembel (Stanford's

Relevantes para la Educación:
1. Interview with David Kelley (IDEO/

2. Things We’ve Learned About Design Thinking, K-12 Education & 21st Century Learning:

3. Studio H:

4. IDEO's tips on creating a 21st century classroom experience
(Metropolis magazine):
5. David Kelley's mindmap on K-12 education:
6. The Importance of Right-brain Thinking in Education:

1. Glimmer: How design can transform your life and maybe even the
world, Warren Berger

2. The art of innovation, Tom Kelley

3. Change by design, Tim Brown

4. The Ten Faces of Innovation, Tom Kelley

Lista compilada por Leticia Britos Cavagnaro (twitter @limedsgn) - Agosto 2011

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